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Well i’ve been meaning to post a few articles the past few days but i’ve been working on a lot of things for the site and things nothing related to the site. So I look at my email and someone sent me this little info :) Now that I have the time to write up something and get a lot of work done, here is what I had to sum up for you. I’ll start off with the latest:

Posted on the OFFICIAL Playstation Blog by Mark Valledor, Marketing Manager, SCEA. Mark announced today that with the Little but BIGGEST game anticipated game for the Playstation 3this Fall will have preorder swag! He has been working closely with various North American Retailers for advertisment for this October 2008 launch. There are five items so that obviously means five stores will have one of the five swag! Which one? Well Mark wasn’t kind enough to reveal that just yet but said it will be revealed soon. Hmmm let me guess the retailers…. Best Buy, CircuitCity, Target, Wal Mart, EBGames/Gamestop? I think that is right. For the five preorder items, get it after the jump.


Hey all,

We’ve been working with our North American retailers to promote the release of LittleBigPlanet in October 2008. And now that the “planning dust” has settled, we wanted to share early details of our pre-order campaign for you to decide which item you’d like. Stay tuned for much more detail on which retailer will have what pre-order item and when to go to your favorite retailer to reserve your copy.

Here’s the master list:

The Official “LittleBigPlanet Creator” MiniGuide by Brady Games – This exclusive digital guide is a primer for LittleBIGPlanet’s CREATE tools and provides users with a quick tutorial to begin developing their own levels.”


LittleBigStickerBook – For those of you who love to customize – this item is for you! This exclusive sticker book contains some of our favorite LBP imagery for you to apply your own ‘mash-up’ to your favorite possessions. Or take something else you own and make it your favorite!

LBP - Sticker book mock-up

LittleBigPouch – Keep your LBP game safe and protected from the elements with this exclusive burlap pouch. Its so unique and stylish, it would make a SackMother proud.

LBP pouch

Exclusive Nariko SackGirl
– SackBoy’s beware! Nariko SackGirl has been known to keep other SackBoys (and SackGirls) in check. This exclusive downloadable costume features our favorite heroine on the PS3.

LBP - Heavenly Sword Render

Exclusive Kratos SackBoy – Nuff’ said. Yes…the forum rumors were true – but the biggest question remains “why didn’t this guy smile?” Seriously, this is another exclusive downloadable costume that will elevate your SackBoy status to godlike proportions.

LBP - God of War Render

Keep an eye out for more LittleBigNews in a few days…

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